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“Let your Home be your Coach”, interior design for personal growth

  • “Let your Home be your Coach”, interior design for personal growth
  • “Let your Home be your Coach”, interior design for personal growth

“How do I feel when I come home ? How do I express myself? How free am I to be my best in this environment?

A private space is very important for a woman, as it is her personal territory in a busy life that is increasingly dynamic and competitive.

A space that belongs to us communicates. It sends messages to those who visit it . In the book “At the sign of the cat and racket” Honore de Balzac describes the effect that the house of the Duchess de Cariliano has on its host :

“Here disorder was a grace , here luxury affected in contempt of certain splendor . The fragrance that floated in the warm air flattered the sense of smell without offending it. The accessories of the rooms were in harmony with a view , through plate- glass windows , of the lawns in a garden planted with evergreen trees. It was all bewitching , and the art of it was not perceptible. The whole spirit of the mistress of these rooms pervaded the drawing-room where Augustine awaited her . She tried to divine her rival ‘s character from the aspect of the scattered objects , but there was here something as impenetrable in the disorder aspect in the symmetry , and to the simple- minded young wife all was a sealed letter. All that she could discern was that , as a woman , the Duchess was a superior person.”

The messages that the design of a house can convey to others are just one part ; the second , often left without proper consideration, is how the space communicates to the owner herself:  how it makes her feel , does it surround her in a state of comfort or does it force her to act,  does it help her “grow” or does it allow her to be satisfied with the current situation …

In modern times, with the social role of women in constant evolution, even the way we live in our own home has changed.  For the working woman who is doing business and  expressing social leadership, the home becomes a place of security and prosperity where her personality can flourish .

Professor A. Meneghetti , founder  of Ontopsychology and expert in leadership, said in his book “Women of the Third Millennium”,  while describing the points of female power: ” The woman leader must have her place , which can be her home, or a boat, depending on her wealth.  She must have a place that is her own, which becomes a natural extension of her body, a place where she senses the world and grows  … Where she rests, where she finds her wellness … She must spend money to gratify her own excellence, so that she can experience pleasure in the same way that nature , the soil , the objects of this planet give gratification to their leader . Improving one’s living environment is important … “

In organizing your home, it is usual to start from the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects . The interior designer will know how to properly assess the details of the space and organize it in a harmonious way according to your preferences and tastes. But the relationship between ergonomics and beauty is no longer enough.  New techniques are being discovered that can make your space your strategic partner in personal growth and help you to achieve important goals.

The methodology Lifecoachdesign® studies the personality of the client before moving on to a design phase , in order to be able to grasp the individual strengths and to reflect them afterwards in the environment ; creating a space that will boost the development of their talents . It is based on modern psychology and uses the laws of the system of human perception in the environment to create a projection of personal success through specially designed techniques. This is achieved by applying micro stimuli that contain a “push” towards the desired change , greater focus , support the development of talents and personal efficiency. The home not only becomes a place of comfort and beauty, but also a coach who helps us achieve the best results and to get what we really want .

The work begins with a series of coaching style sessions to highlight successful strategies, to clarify the vision of the future and long-term goals . The difference of these sessions with the classic coaching sessions is the greater focus on the process analysis and personal strategies and the techniques that are used.  The second stage transforms the information gathered into a series of sensorial maps through the choice of colors, textures, lines, light scenes , etc…  That which belongs to the inner world begins to take shape and becomes tangible and perceptible with the tools of the designer. In this way one achieves a balance linked to a project , which on one hand is affected by the way of being and thinking of the client, and on the other by the professionalism of the designer.

Two words on how things are chosen.  Once in a while, we notice that the we choose objects, places and clothes depending on how we feel, our emotions, our thoughts at that time.  Psychologists agree that when a woman feels fulfilled, in harmony and full of energy, she chooses clothes that enhance her, which make her even more beautiful and attractive. Instead, in moments of doubt, weariness , she dresses in a way that highlights all her weaknesses and overshadows her beauty and grace. It is a natural process that occurs at the subconscious level. The same happens when you furnish your home yourself. The opposite mechanism is also true; one that allows us to quickly change our mood and flow of thoughts once immersed in a context full of stimuli that can be interpreted as positive .

The choices for such an important place like the home, where we spend a good part of life, can not be left to chance. The questions we should ask ourselves are: “how much does the space organized in this way help me to believe in myself, in my own strength and potential  and how much does it support me in the continuous process of improving the quality of life?”

Having a support space means being in a context that communicates something that makes you feel at ease, that allows you to express yourself to the best of your  potential, to maintain focus on the important things and enjoy life. In practice, entering an environment designed for the way I am, I feel serenity , harmony , joy, everything that helps me feel more fulfilled in the process of achieving my goals , both in my private life and in business.

Customization is a trend in the design world that has been continually reinforced in recent years and in this context Lifecoachdesign® takes the part of the current innovation that combines psychology and neuroscience with aesthetics. Improving one’s performance while at home, accelerating in competitive environments and finding well-being in realizing oneself becomes a new standard in modern life.”

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