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Interiors on a human scale

  • Interiors on a human scale
  • Interiors on a human scale
Date: Aug 2010

Lifecoachdesign is an innovative way to create spaces on a human scale; it combines the techniques of psychology to more advanced studies in the field of interior architecture. ‬ ‪Thanks to Lifecoachdesign it is possible to create environments which may be suitable not only for a particular life style, but also for different aptitudes and dynamic behaviours of an individual or of a group of individuals. ‬

‪We do not start from a drawing, but from the person, from the psychology of those who will live or work in the environment that we design. ‬

‪The method has many links with coaching. ‬ ‪It is a process that helps to achieve one’s goals in various areas of life. ‬ ‪Our main objective is to discover your traits, understand your way of thinking, your decision-making process and the way you achieve results. ‬ ‪Basing ourselves on these information we create interiors, which are specifically designed for you, interiors that reflect and reinforce your strengths and help you reach success. ‬

‪The creation of spaces where one lives or works is also a time for a personal renewal. ‬ ‪Why not use interiors as a tool to achieve important goals? ‬

‪A space that to your guests will simply appear beautiful and furnished with good taste and style, to you will mean something more. ‬ ‪The difference is the result. We manage to design a space that not only has aesthetic values but it will also be supportive in life and in helping you achieve your goals. ‬


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