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The Coach approach in the world of Design

  • The Coach approach in the world of Design
  • The Coach approach in the world of Design
Date: Mar 2014

Have you ever entered a space that changed your mood, altered the flow of your thoughts;  that made you feel differently?

For example: a feeling of tranquility in a deserted cathedral, pleasant relaxation in a lounge area or the sense of sophisticated elegance in a boutique that matches your tastes.

Sometimes we do not realize how the environment can affect us. And this influence can be supportive or not.

The coaching process helps to give space: to development, to growth, to new awareness. Continuing the work of a coach and also giving a person the three-dimensional space that can reflect their values, strengths, winning strategies and a system of long-term goals means strengthening the flow of energy that has been released and helping to direct it towards the desired direction.

The method of lifecoachdesign started as a response to this intention. It is based on modern psychology and uses the tools of interior architecture and design.

To say that a person is at the center of the design process usually means that designers comply with the ergonomic aspects, functionality and aesthetics. Design, being a form of communication, has always been directed mainly to the effect that it creates for others. The curiosity that has stimulated the research I have done over the last few years concentrates, instead, on a different, little-known aspect:  how the environment, organized in a certain way, can affect the way employees think, make decisions, take action and meet their objectives.  The main task is to understand how you can organize a physical space which supports the inner world of a person thus becoming the design tool of effective communication (in this regard).

The perception system has the role of a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. The information that is transmitted by the five senses goes through a series of filters in order to acquire a certain meaning. We also know that only a portion of the information that we receive is perceived consciously. This does not mean , however, that the unperceived information does not influence us. Its presence can be felt as a slight change of feelings and emotional state, or the flow of thoughts.  Often we do not even realize it, but the world of marketing professionals know how to use these tools to stimulate activities, such an impulse purchase.

This channel is also used by pragmatic psychologists who recommend the creation  of wish-maps and keeping them in sight to remain focused on the objectives. In this example, we go more in-depth to reflect in a space the 3D map that cannot be read by others  but is effective for the person it has been studied for.

It is interesting that the language used to describe the inner processes is the same sensory language we use for external processes. This has allowed developers of neuro-linguistic programming not only to describe the strategies of exceptional people, but also to teach others to use the same strategies. The next step is to know how to apply these strategies in the environment and linking them to those behavioral habits related to space.

Lifecoachdesign uses the laws of the perceptual system to create a projection of personal success through specially designed techniques. This is achieved by applying micro stimuli that incite towards the desired change, greater focus, support the development of talents and personal efficiency. In this way the space of a house or an office is transformed into a training ground for potential, accompanying a person in the process of development and growth.

At the feelings level, entering an office designed for the way I am, I can feel openness, strength and peace, emotional relief , enthusiasm, clarity, confidence and self-esteem, everything that helps me to increase my professional efficiency and feel more satisfied in the process of achieving my goals. It is almost like taking a daily first-class ticket, it helps you get to your destination in much better shape.

If you consider it worthwhile, try to feel what the space you spend most time in communicates to you.  How much is it in tune with what is important to you in life?

Aligning the environment to one’s own way of being does not in itself become a universal solution, but it can be an excellent addition to a development path followed by the right actions.

CoachMag N14 2014, translated from Italian


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